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AVSEC World 2013

Visit Global Choice at AVSEC World 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey, November 5th - November 7th 2013

Global Choice to Announce New Aviation Security Solutions at AVSEC World 2013

Chicago-based Airline Choice and New York-based Global Elite Group joint venture Global Choice set to exhibit at IATA AVSEC World 2013 in Istanbul.

Mt. Prospect, Illinois September 19th, 2013


Airline Choice and Global Elite are pleased to announce that joint venture Global Choice will be exhibiting at the IATA AVSEC World conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

Global Choice is a truly revolutionary partnership for the industry, presenting our customers with unparalleled solutions around aviation operations and security. 

Global Choice will be demonstrating the following at AVSEC World:

  • Tablet Passenger Processing. Complete passenger processing, including passport swipe and boarding pass/bag tag printing are all posible through the use of the Global Choice mobile application.  Officially being released at AVSEC World, Global Choice is the only provider capable of offering such a compherensive suite of functionality in a true mobile tablet solution.
  • Integrated Facial Recognition. The Global Choice solution uses the Aurora Imaging and Recognition (AIR) engine to capture passenger's images at check in and verify them at boarding of the aircraft, all integrated into our advanced departure control system.  In addition, a verification can be made against a passenger's e-passport, providing confidence of an authentic document belonging to the individual presenting it.
  • Advanced Document Authentication. Verify and authenticate travel documents with ease and confidence utilizing our advanced integration into the AssureID and 3M AT9000 technologies.  An enhanced interface expanded to include a full passenger risk assessment including vetting and analysis on the passenger booking information.  In addition to document authentication, Global Choice is seamlessly integrated with IATA's Timatic AutoCheck solution.

The Global Choice Suite also captures passenger and crew information and performs TSA (Transportation Security Administration) No Fly and watch list screening, APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System) and Secure Flight Compliance, as well as reporting capabilities.

AVSEC World 2013 will take place from Nobember 5th - November 7th, 2013 at the Hilton Istanbul.

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